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Orange Beach Attractions


Below is a list of some attractions, restaurants or activities you will want to make sure you get to while in the Orange Beach area.  As I have mentioned there is a wide variety of things to do in Orange Beach and far too many for me to list here and discuss.  This is just a few highlights and comments.

The wharf orange beach

The Wharf- plenty of shopping, dining and even a ferris wheel.  A great way to kill a couple hours before a big concert.  The Wharf


The Wharf Orange Beach Amphitheater – 10,000 seats and not a bad one in the house. Great names and a great place to see an outdoor concert.  Amphitheater at the Wharf

Adventure Island – Fun for the entire family. Mini-golf, go karts, bumper boats, arcade, you get the drift – family fun.  Also watch a 5-story voclano erupt nightly.  Adventure Island


SanRoc Cay- This stop covers it all.  Restaurants, fishing charters, kayak rental, jet ski rental, a day spa, pontoon boats, boutique shopps, parasailing, etc….  I am sure I left something out. Just go check it out.  SanRoc Cay 


Nature Trails/Backcountry Trail Tour -Walk the trails yourself or get the two hour trail guide for an in depth look at the Orange Beach Natural Habitat in an electric Cart.    Backcountry Trails



Cosmos – Always rated on top when it comes to reviews.  Good food, fun atmosphere.  Only downfall is not being located on the water.  It is on Canal Road and worth the drive over


Cobalt – A touch on the higher side but worth every penny.  Great location with a huge patio overlooking the pass.  Great food, great atmosphere.


Docs Seafood Shack – a local favorite and one of the oldest in Orange Beach.  A great little “Hole in the wall” with great food at reasonable prices.


Voyager – Good food here but you are going to pay for it.  If you don’t mind paying a little more for that extra flare then this is for you.



Flora Bama – No explanation here, I know you’ve heard of it.  Make sure you check it out and get the t-shirt.  If you just have to take the kids I would go about 12 noon and be gone by 12:15.  Not a place for the fam. Oh, and be sure to check out their Non Denominational Church Service on Sunday Mornings, I mean come on, where else can you hear The Good News while sipping a Bloody Mary.





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