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Apr 292013

Welcome to Hotels in Orange Beach AL                                                                                                                              

As you are planning your trip to come see us, let me assure you that you will not be disappointed in your stay at the beautiful Gulf Coast.  Whether this is your first trip or you are a returning visitor, you will find a beautiful atmosphere with down south hospitality.

Orange Beach, AL is one of the best kept secrets in the Country and is slowly but surely being discovered by more visitors every year.  Most of the visitors that come to Orange Beach are returning customers, meaning they came for a visit and liked it so much, they planned another trip back.

I hope to help make your search for a hotel in Orange Beach a little easier as we discuss some of the hotels and the general layout of the city so you can make sure you are staying in the area that will be most convenient.

As you search for Hotels in Orange Beach AL, keep in mind there are two main highways through the city.  You will want to be familiar with these two highways as you begin your hotel search so you know what area you need to target for your search.

Highway 182, or Perdido Beach Blvd., runs along the beach from Gulf Shores, AL on the west to Pensacola, FL on the east.  Highway 180, or the Canal Road, is a short highway and runs along the canal and offers some convenience in getting to certain points in the city.  You will want to be familiar with both of these roads as you learn to get around in Orange Beach.  There are no hotels on the Canal Road, however there are a couple good restaurants as well as the Wharf, which you will want to check out before you leave.

Most of the Hotels in Orange Beach are located along Highway 182, Perdido Beach Blvd.  Your biggest question will be deciding on whether to be on the beach or across the street from the beach.  Both have advantages and disadvantages in the way of convenience and price.  As you can expect, you will pay a little more to be on the beach.

There is a wide selection of hotels in Orange Beach with many of the major brands represented, so it might be a good idea to check any rewards points you may have and search their availability for Hotels in Orange Beach AL.

Look here for a discussion on Hotels on the beach in Orange Beach and here for hotels located across the street from the beach.  Here I discuss some things you need to see or do while in the area.

We hope you enjoy your stay!

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